These arte-facts are all hand-made by the skilled craft-workers of the Wild Goose Studio in Kinsale, Co. Cork

Each piece has a shell of pure bronze backed by a resin and ceramic core.

Any variations in finish are part of it's appeal.

You can hang it on a wall or it can stand on a table, shelf, etc.



Celtic Angel


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(10 cm high by 9 cm wide by 2.5 cm deep)


This angel comes from a 10th century cross at Clonmacnois, Co Offaly in Ireland


It is a powerful symbol of consolation and timely assistance; of mysterious

origin; an essential part of our existence, to be reached by our imaginatation.


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(6.3 cm high by 15.4 cm wide by 1.3 cm deep)


Even in his 87th year the great Italian renaissance artist Michelangelo

is quoted as saying "Ancora Imparo" (I am still learning)


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St. Patrick's Cross


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(21 cm high by 9.5 cm wide by 1.7 cm deep)


Oldest of the great Irish high crosses, 7th century,

from Camdonagh, Co. Donegal, 10ft high.


At the bottom three pilgrims, in the middle Christ with the four Evangelists,

at the top interlacing pattern used in Celtic art to suggest the ineffable.


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St. Brendan's Boat


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(6 cm high by 14 cm wide by 1.5 cm deep)


A curragh or leather boat, with the helmsman urging four oasmen as they row

heavenwards amid the sea of crosses.


The boat is vertical on the shaft of the original cross, which overlooks

Bantry Bay and is thought to celebrate St. Brendan's possible dicovery of

America some thousand years before Columbus.


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Saint Patrick


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(a free standing sculpture = 16 cm high by 7 cm wide by 4 cm deep)



Born in Roman Britain AD 387, he was captured by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland.

After six years he escaped and went to a monastery in France,
returning to Ireland as a bishop with monks to bring the faith to these shores.

Based on a 12th century cross at Kilfenora, Co. Clare.


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Celtic Healing Cross


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(16 cm high by 7 cm wide by 1.7 cm deep)


Entwined serpents, signifying the union and balancing

of the body with the soul, an emblem of healing.

With a wand in the centre it is termed a Caduceus.


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