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My work is about land, and man’s relationship to it, whether it be in Ireland or other parts of the world. In remote places you will find that the farmer and the shepherd have a particulate intimate relationship with their environment. The challenge the excesses of the elements, using the land in many different ways for the protection of their crops and animals.

 The earth all around the world has been used for burial and ceremonial purposes, and tribal people almost always place the centre of their spirituality and religion with a deep reverence for nature.

 In earlier times I looked for the traces of dwellings such as the clochan on the Dingle Peninsula. More recently I work with fields – the field to restrain a blind sheep with a wall boundary; the fields being cultivated high up in the mountains in harsh conditions; and now my ‘field and waterhole’ series showing the interdependency between the waterhole and the field. It was necessary for the farmer to achieve the waterhole before the field – water being the priority for survival, and hence I call them ‘sprung up’ fields.

 Here is man, his spirit driven on against all odds, intimate and powerful.



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